New Year, New Me?

(Hualien, 2018)
It's the time of the year again! Where I look through my resolutions made at the end of 2017, wishing how I would want my 2018 to be.
This year I did a little bit worst than last year, where I only crossed 4/9 I made. But it's never a competition, (or I said that to make myself feel better wtf).
I have also done my 2019 list, wishing it could only be better than before.
My 2018, like how I narrated to most of the people around me - it was a year of irony to me. Completely ironic. This year was a year where most of my life changing moments occurred, that caught me so off-guard I have no idea what my reflex actions should be. And then, funnily enough it was the year I achieved the most.
But maybe a few things I have caught up this year, while facing my life-changing moments - could be a little more worthy to share, rather than the negative ones.  Who knows maybe some where, some time, you might find yourself in the very same spot as I was.

1. Learn to accept that …

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