Point of Interests in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

I went to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam in 2017 with my best friend!
Brief verdict from me: I really liked the historical journey of the city, but honestly I am not a city-person when it comes to travelling, maybe because I AM a city girl myself. The whole town is just packed with cars, bikes, people, every corner - not my kind of thing.

But of course, I enjoyed the museums and the history lessons. I never knew Vietnam in this light, and coming to HCMC has definitely opened up a whole new experience for me to learn about this country. I told myself I'd read more about the Vietnam war but I never did. Time to buck up :P

Pink Church / Tan Dinh Church

HCMC is basically a very packed city, where most of the point of interests are really near to each other, but except for this pink church. So take my advice, once you've reached HCMC and get yourself settled, come here first! This is all the way in another district, so taking a cab there with all the jam would take you around 40 minutes.


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